A View From the SNA Ramp
By Jerry Search
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While it may look like many of these guys are not wearing ear protection, they really are.  The ones you see without the "ear muffs" on are wearing ear plugs.  There was no way you could stand the noise without them!
Also, I actually I really did not take pictures all the time during the year I was at Air California.  Some of these are sets of 4 or 5 taken during one shift, and some of them were just one shot for the day.  I often had my camera there, but we were normally way too busy to take pictures.

Myself parking a 737, in another time exposure.

Waiting while the engines start.

Air Start.  This van had a jet engine turbine inside that would generate the 

 high pressure air needed to start an engine if the onboard unit was in-op.

Rod Quick, Clyde Smith, and Bruce Vanderwilt.

Me loading bags onto 462.
Photographer unknown:
25 years kind of fuzzes 
the memory a bit.

Removing the stairs.  Sometimes the aircraft's airstairs would be in-op.

SNA was the hub for Air California.  We would sit for an hour or more, then have up to 2 hours of madness (the "Zoo") !

Sending out 467.

467 rotates.  I had a non-zoom telephoto,
hence the cut-off tail.

Rod Quick takes a few minutes to check out his schedule for the next flight.

Bruce Vanerwilt.  Since he is looking to the left, this ac is probably departing.

Another flight landing at sunset...or is it taking off?

469 being parked at gate 4.  This aircraft had been on least to Aloha, and we got it back around June.

Larry Bernard in 465.  Some captains treated us pretty good, and he was one of the best.  Some others actually ignored us!

Molly.  What a delight it was to have her in the office!
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