N462AC and N465AC
Both of these aircraft met their fate at Kingman, Airzona.  But some parts remain there.
And a wing and cockpit of N462AC are part of the decor in a bar at the main terminal at Baltimore, MD
[PHOTOS] (I plan to be in Baltimore and take my own next April)

N462AC, in 1976.  Actually, that's me loading bags :-)

And in 1993, without engines, awaiting the infamous "b/u" fate 
at Kingman

Now a replacement for some windows at the company that handled the scrapping. 

 I wonder if they have airline seats inside?  This would have been the left side of the ac, just aft of the wing.

Larry Bernard in N465AC
back in 1976.

What's left of 465, at Kingman a few years ago.  Gone now.  Beer cans? 
Or perhaps a new 777.

This section of 465's fuselage is still at Kingman.  Nice place to park your boat, eh?

The rear baggage door opening of 465. This was my workplace in 1976 
The last 3 photos (above) of N465AC were found at www.aa777.com

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