A View From the SNA Ramp
By Jerry Search
Just a couple of links to other websites that might be of interest to Air California (and Air Cal) folks:  Air Cal pages
3 Pages of photos of various Air California and Air Cal Aircraft.
Includes the only photo I've seen of an early Air California black faced 737.

Lockheed Electra Research Aircraft Movie Gallery
An interesting Electra page, but recomended for high speed internet access.

Ulrich F.Hoppe`s Electra page
84 photos of Electras in color schemes of the various airlines from around the world.
Lockheed L188 Technical Datas and Production List (Ulrich F. Hoppe' page)
Trace the history and lineage of many Electras, including 5 of the 6 (?) that Air California flew.
N124AC=1114; N125AC=1006; N278AC=1050; N289AC=1100; N359AC=2002; N123AC is not on the list.

VH-ECA "Pacific Electra" Type: L188C / L188CF Electra Msn: 2002
VH-ECB "Pacific Explorer" L188C Electra Msn: 2004
An Australian site with complete registration history of two of Air California's early Electras,
N359AC and N385AC.  These two first flew for Quantas.  They even had names!

There were a few other pages I found while searching that contained information detailing the history
or outcome of particular aircraft in the OC fleet. When I stumble back onto them, I'll include them here.