The 1999 National Short Track Championships
San Jose, California

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(Aran Kim and Ysabel Gray)


Junior Boys and Ian Hawkins, center, Graham Gieselman on the left, and ___.

Ian Hawkins and Graham Gieselman.

James Oh and Shani Davis,
Junior Boys.

James Oh, moving up the inside, with Misi Toth in the lead.

Juvenile Girls (12-13) LtoR: Jenny Thurston, Sara , Lezleigh Jaworski and Maria Garcia (on the inside).

Maria whizzes by with Lezleigh and Jade chasing her.   Maria won the overall Juvenile Girls Championship.

Jade Wheeler makes a tight inside pass on Sara Sayasane and Ashley Affholter. 

Maria on the inside, Jade on the outside, and Jenny Thurston 
in the middle.  The starter is Fred Benjamin.

Lezleigh and Maria

Lezleigh in the backstretch.

Probably in the last lap, it's hard to tell from this picture 
who is passing who!

Same race, but unknown if it's earlier or later than the previous picture.

Senior Men (17-39 years), with Mike Korreman leading and Jan Diemont right behind.  James Cooley is right above Mike's head.

Master Men 40-49.  Left to right:  Joe Balbo, Robert Ahlke, Glenn Bowman, Mark Chrysler, and John Diemont (Jan's dad).

Robert gets the start.  They all have to try and squeeze into this one small spot, the entry to the first turn.

The same group, different day (different skinsuits).
Mark Chrysler, John Diemont, Robert Ahlke, and Joe Balbo.

Joe Balbo, Robert Ahlke, and Mark Chrysler.

Robert Ahlke.  At the time, Robert was finishing his third year as SCSSA President.

An almost photo finish, and Robert  wins the Masters Men 1500 meter final.

Senior Men.  Brandon Brodt, Haj Sano, Tom Kiley, Neil Mansfield, and Kimon Papajadjopoulos(yep).

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