The 1999 National Short Track Championships
San Jose, California
by Jerry Search, SCSSA

Who Won?  See the National Champions: Click Here


Alice Kim and Ysabel Gray checking out the heat card.

Bang!  Midget Girls, with Alice on the left, and Ysabel on the right.

Alice Kim entering the 
first turn.  I have the names, but not who is who!
(Someone help?)

Alice shows her stuff!
Midget Girls are aged 10-11 years.

Pony Girls, at the line and ready for their race.
 Kjirsten Bauer is on the left.

"Ready".  Skater next to Kjirsten is ??
"Bang!".  The skaters on the right are Katy
 Bachwansky and Aran Kim. 

Courtnie Haser.  Not too many Senior Women (17-29) showed up this year.

Alice and Ysabel: "Yeah, we're ready for another one!" #89 is Kira Heeley.

Another Midget Girls race, Alice on the inside, and Kira Heeley in the pink.

Alice's younger sister, Aran Kim, closest to the camera, in Pony Girls.

Kelly Block comes out of the first turn in the lead.
Aran Kim is in second.

Pony Boys, with Eddie Alvarez in the lead.

Another shot of Courtnie Haser, Senior Women.

Pony Girls. Pony Girls are under 10 years old. 

Katy Bachwansky, 
Pony Girls.

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