The 1999 National Short Track
Class Champions

In each Final race of the Nationals, skaters recieve points (and medals) based on their finish position.  At the conclusion of the meet, the overall point scorer in each class wins the National Championship for that class, and is awarded the National Champion Medallion, shown here.

Pony Girls: Tippy Jordan: Greater Minnesota  Award,  presented by ASU National Referee
Karen Street

Pony Boys: Eduardo Alvarez: James "Bunny" Schofield
Memorial Award,  presented by 
 Inline Skating Great 
Eddie Matsger

Midget Girls: Alice Kim: The Robert Kellerman Memorial Award,  presented by her coach
Jerry Search

Midget Boys:  Kreg Greer: 
The Dave & Betty Roche Award, presented by ASU 2nd Vice President Larry Clever

Juvenile Girls: Maria Garcia: The Joseph & Barbara Sulc Award, presented by friend Sue Perles

Juvenile Boys: Eric Casler: 
The Mr. & Mrs. Tom Jarrett Award, presented by Ann Cooley, James Cooley's Mom :-)

Juvenile Girls: Kira Fling:
The Crowe Family Award, presented by Kira's  father,
Dan Fling, 
ASU National Starter

Junior Boys: Shani Davis:
The Dr. Ray Novack Award, presented by Fred Benjamin, 
ASU National Starter

Senior Women: Courtnie Haser: The Herbert Knudten Award, presented by 1999 Nationals'
Chief Referee Paul Mueller

Senior Men: Mike Kooreman: 
The Calstrom Family Award, presented by Jim O'Day

Masters Women 30-39: Peggy Clark with the 2000 Nationals host David Kennedy

Master Men 30-39:
Co-Champions Sam Renshaw and Neil Mansfield with 1999 Nationals host Bob Payne

Master Women 40-49: Nancy Douval: The VFW Aux. # 2164  (Wheaton, IL) and Carol Jackson Award, presented by husband Charlie Douval (see inset)

Master Men 40-49:
Mark Chrylsler:  The Ohio Skating Association Award,  presented by former National Champion Chika Tagawa

Master Women 50-59:
Mary Lou Di Nicola:  The Cathy Turner Award,  presented by ASU President Bill Anderson

MasterMen 50-59:
Jim Minami: The Amos Ottley Memorial Award,  presented by (who?)

Master Men 60+:
Howard Ganong with Former Olympic Silver Medalist 
Bill Disney
The Classes:
Ponys: Under 8 years
Midgets: Ages 10-11
Juveniles: Ages 12-13
Juniors: Ages 14-16
Seniors: Ages 17-29
Masters:  As indicated.
Age is as of July 1 preceding competition.
Photographs (all but one) by Jerry Search. 

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