2006 National Short Track Championships
Madison, Wisconsin
All photographs by Jerry Search, Southern California Speed Skating Association.
Copyright © 2006, All Rights Reserved.
The Fine Print:
   I highly encourage you to use them on your own computer, in school projects, and on your non-commercial web pages (and MySpace), without asking, as long as you abide by the items listed on the Copyright Page (you can't use the images for commercial reasons),
to promote both the sport and the skaters shown here.  I took these photos with the purpose of increasing knowledge of the sport of
Speed Skating.  It is hoped that everyone will benefit, including the skaters (and their coaches) shown here!
All images have been optimized for computer use, with a desktop setting of 800x600.
Also note:  If you want to order photos of specific skaters, please contact the official meet photographer,
Daniel Seurer via email, or at 608-695-0269.   My (Jerry Search) photos are presented here only, I do not sell prints.
Click on any thumbnail for a full sized picture.  Most full-sized images are 60-80 KB, some are a bit larger.

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