1998 Nation al Short Track
Class Champions
Each picture on this page was taken by Jerry Search
Copyright ©  1998, by the Amateur Speedskating Union, All rights reserved.
Pony Girls:  Tippy Jordon
Greater Minnesota 
Presented by Mr. & Mrs. D'Andrea
Pony Boys: Matthew Plummer, Missouri. James "Bunny" Schofield Memorial Award
Presented by Frank Miller
Midget Girls:  Maria Garcia, Southern California. The Robert Kellerman Memorial Award 
Presented by Mark Affholter
Midget Boys: Zack Goldberg, Maryland
The Dave & Betty Roche Award
Presented by Carl Peaslee
Juvenile Girls:  Bonnie Klint, Illnois.  The Joseph & Barbara Sulc Award Presented by Leslie Moore
Juvenile Boys:  Roman Milan, Ohio.  the Mr. & Mrs. Tom Jarrett Award Presented by Shirley Yates
Junior Girls:  Brigid Farrell, Northern New York  The Crowe Family Award 
Presented by Bill & Linda Houghton
Junior Boys: Adam Reidy, Ohio. 
The Dr. Ray Novack Award 
Presented by Tom Porter
Senior Women:  Kristen Brophy, Northern New York 
The Herbert Knudten Award 
Presented by "Doc" Savage
Senior Men: Chris Callis
The Calstrom Family Award 
Presented by Jim O'Day
Master Women: Peggy H. Clark, Missouri.  The VFW Aux. # 2164 
(Wheaton, IL) and Carol Jackson Award 
Presented by Dan Fling
Master Men:  John Camilli, Michigan. 
The Ohio Skating Association Award Presented by Don Lease
Grand Master Women: Mary Lou DiNicola, Northern New York
The Cathy Turner Award 
Presented by Bill Weaver
Grand Master Men:  Chris Hawkins, Middle Atlantic
The Amos Ottley Memorial Award Presented by Laura Verdino
Veteran Men: Howard Ganong
Northern New York 
Award Presented by Larry Clever