Loren Somerville.
Master Men. L to R: John Camilli, Mark Jeffries, Brian Anderson, and Haj Sano.
Master Men.  Ages are from 35 to 49 years.
Master Men Paul Marchese (front) and John Camilli
Master Men. 
Mark Jeffries in front.
Master Men John Camilli, Mark Jeffries, and Mark Chrysler.
More Master Men. 
Brian Anderson in front, Haj Sano is in third, Mark Jeffries is in fourth.
Midget Boys. Zach Goldberg is in front, SamGoldhar (in red) is in second, being passed on his right by Ryan Bedford, and in back on the right side of the picture is Daniel Holloway. 
Midget Boys Zach Goldberg is in the lead, in third is Andrew Jarvis , fourth is Paul Dyrad, and in back  is Carl Buehler .
BANG!  The Midget Girls are off!  Left to Right:  Sophia Milar, 
Jade Wheeler, Katherine Sampson, Maria Garcia, and Heather Penneypacker.  Some good 
looking technique here, folks!
Midget Girls.  This one's a 
little out of focus.
 Bragging Time (sorry): 
Midget Girls 777 Final: 
Maria Garcia, Lezleigh Jaworski, Jade Wheeler, and 
Loren Somerville... all 4 from Southern California!
Pony Boys:  L to R:  Sean Dobberstein, Alex Bernstein, 
 Matthew Plummer, Paul Valle
and Sean Casler.
Pony Boys: Eddie Alverez in front.
Sean Casler is in the middle of things (dark blue).
Matthew Plummer in front, 
Eddie Alvarez, Sean Casler, 
Paul Valle, Alex Bernstein and 
Sean Dobberstein.
The only shot I got of the 
Pony Girls.  Sara Flynn, Kira Heeley, and Kjirsten Bauer.
Senior Men. Todd Porter in front, Phil Rectra on our right, and Jake Bergmeier, center. 
Todd Porter.
 Junior Boys Tony Hwang, David Okoniewski, and John Kruger.
Tony Hwang and Adam Reidy.  These USA Skinsuits identify these skaters as "Junior Category One"  as a result of the U.S. Short Track "Trials", a few weeks earlier.
 Junior Boys. 
Wayne Rutledge in the red, 
and Sean Mcguire on his left.

Veteran Men, ages 60 and over.
Paul Dillon in front, followed by Howard Ganong, and 
Jack Curtin (#38).
The crowded start.  I've included this picture as a coaching tip: Don't let the other skaters crowd you.  You have the right to ask the starter that the other skaters be in their proper lanes!
Ahh, another exciting day at the Nationals!  Tony Hwang makes a few necessary preparations for his next race.

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