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The United States National Short Track Championships is held in March of each year. 
At the Nationals, skaters compete in classes based on their age, as of the previous July 1st.  Each age class has heats, semis, and Finals, in 4 distances.  Points are awarded for the Finals, and the skater with the most points wins the National Championship for that Class.
The ASU National age classes:
Ponies: 8 & 9 year olds; Midgets: 10 & 11; Juveniles: 12 & 13; Juniors: 14-16; 
Seniors: 17-34; Masters: 35-49; Grand Masters: 50-60; and Veterans, 60 and over.
I am missing a lot of names, but will gradually add them as I learn who they are. 
If you know who someone is, please email me the information and I will add it, 
as long as they are prominantely visible in the photo. 
A special note (that's OK, the pictures are still loading!)  Several people have emailed me asking for Results of the Nationals.  Please contact your Association Secretary for this. 
A 42 page (both sides) Protocol listing results of each race, including each skater's times, 
was mailed out to each Association Secretary in the middle of April.  It may appear sometime soon on the ASU web site, but due to its length, this is a difficult undertaking.
Finally, I'd like to make an important explanation.  It is possible that you might be a bit disappointed at not finding a photo of yourself (or your kid) here.  While I tried to capture a photo set that would exemplify the National Short Track, and I really tried to get photos of all of the age groups, please realize that I wear several hats at the Nationals.  At this one, I was the personal Coach of 5 different skaters, 
 with 1 of them (Tony Hwang) skating at the elite level and having major blade problems.  In addition, I was trying to videotape each of our 12 Southern California skaters, plus trying to get nice pictures for this web page.   In fact, as a Coach, these pictures were the least of my concerns.  What you see is the best I could produce out of a total of well over 100 pictures.  Enjoy!
At the Nationals, skaters receive medals in each final race (1st through 4th), and if they win overall in their age class, they receive       the National Medallion. 
Click on the Medallions for a better look at the medals and Medallions.
As you look at these thumbnails, you will notice that some of the skaters' names are underlined (linked).  That skater won his/her age class, and is now the 1998 National Champion for that Class. 
Click on the name to see the skater being awarded their National Class Championship Medallion, or click on the button at right 
       to see all of this year's National Champions. 
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Midget Girl Jennifer Dowse drawing a numbered golf ball for her starting line position. 
Juvenile Girls, with Cindy Hsieh (pronounced "Shay") in the lead.
Junior Girls, with Stacy Clever
in the lead, Followed by Brigid Farrell, with Kim Ramirez on the outside.
Grand Master Men With Chris Hawkins in front.
 Juvenile Boys.  Erin Vanderpols in front, Roman Milan is on his left, and Ian Hawkins is in back on our left.
Junior Boys (ages 14-16).  Jeff Hsieh on the left.
Junior Boys on the start.
James Cooley sets up to enter the turn.  Wayne Rutledge is on the outside preparing to make a move.
Misi Toth leads this group of Juvenile Boys, with J.P. Kepka just behind and to his left.
More Junior Boys.  I believe 
David Okoniewski is in the lead. Tony Hwang is in the back.
Juvenile Boys on the start.  Nathaniel Bolton is on the inside spot, and Patrick Griess is next, and Alex Izykowski is on the outside.
 Juvenile Girls, ages 12-13. 
Tara Causgrove in the lead.
Junior Girls 1500 meter heat.  Brigid Farrell is on the outside, Kim Ramirez is next to her.
Allison Baver leads in the early part of the race, with Kim Ramirez in second.
Junior Girls a few laps later.
Kasey Lynn Wallis is in front 
Junior Girls on the start.  Left to right: Katy Kepka, Kim Ramirez, Brigid Farrell, and Katie Walston.
Kim Ramirez.
Junior Girls: Left to Right:
Sara Bell, Stacy Clever, Penelope Lang, Maureen Hangac (in the lead), and Kasey Lynn Wallis.
Midget Girls.  Lezleigh Jaworski 
on the right, and Loren Somerville in back on the left.
Lezleigh Jaworski enters the turn.  Heather Pennypacker is in second.
Lezleigh Jaworski.  Midget Girls are 10 & 11 years old.
Midget Girls.
Midget Girls. 
Loren Somerville on our right.
BANG!  Midget girls just as the gun goes off.
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