The 1999 North American
Short Track Championships
Oak Lawn, Illinois, USA
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A special note about the captions:  I know many of the American skaters, and can identify a great number of them without helmet numbers.  Howsomever, I don't know any of the current Canadians, and these shots don't reveal their numbers clearly enough for identification.
Ergo, as usual, if you can identify someone in a prominent position in the photograph, 
especially someone I have indicated (fill in the blanks), please let me know!  Jerry Search.
 Juvenile Boys, with Canadians Mathias Archambault leading and David Didiodata in second.
 Midget Boys, with Alex Boisvert in the lead, and U.S. National Champ Kreg Greer in the shades.
 Midget Boys again.  Kreg is hangin' on in back, but who's in the lead?
 Junior Boys, I think, because John Kruger is in back, I think.
Who's in front?
 Junior Boys, with Canadian Adam Lawrence in the lead.
 Junior Girls. Victoria Depew, followed by Ginette Lamoureux. 
Midget Boys.  Kreg Greer is 
2nd from left.
Midget Girls.  U.S. National Champ Alice Kim is directly in-line with Carly Wilson.
 Pony Girls at the start. 
This, and the next 3 pics are all from the same race.
Pony Girls heading for the first turn.  36: Elane Golz; 46: Marina Best; 39: Hilary Ho; 21: Ellen Plummer; 79: Tamara Frederick; and 11: Morgan Izykowski
 Pony Girls half-way throgh their race.  Tamara is in the lead, with Morgan and the others giving her a good race!
 The Finish.  Tamara  wins it, with Morgan 2nd, and Ellen in 3rd.  A good, close race!
 Same girls (Ponys), but a different race, on a different day.
 Midget Girls.  LtoR:  Carly Wilson, Kate Pronovost, Alice Kim, ____and Danielle Dubois.
 Midget Girls "down the backstretch" and into the second turn (not the same race as the previous picture)
Junior Girls:  Bonnie Klint, followed by Sonia Gosselin in 2nd.
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