The 1999 North American
Short Track Championships
Oak Lawn, Illinois, USA
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Nice picture of Bridie Farrell,  Junior Girls.
Intermediate Boys:  Tony Hwang trying to keep a sharp eye on Ryan Harasyn's skate!
 Bonnie Klint leading the Junior Girls, with Terri
Downer (red & black).
 Courtnie Haser, Alicia Hagen, and Carla Langenthal, 
Senior Women.
 Bonnie Klint and Sonia Gosselin?.
 Brigid Farrell in the lead.
 Junior Girls: Maureen Hangac on the left, and Kira Fling next. 
Juvenile Girls, with Marie-Michele Fradette leading and Maria Garcia 
in 2nd. 
 Midget Girls.  Carly Wilson is leading, with Kjirsten Bauer in 2nd and Danielle Dubois
on the outside.
 Bridie Farrell.
 Juvenmile Girls:  1st 3 skaters, L-R: Shannon Rempel, Marie-Michelle
Fredette & Anouk Boucher.
 Maria Garcia leads the Juvenile Girls into the first turn, with Elizabeth-Ann Dier, Valerie Gauthier, Shannon Rempel.
 Junior Girls ready... 
 and off!  LtoR: Maureen Hangac, Bonnie Klint, and Annie Desrosiers.
 Courtnie Haser and Alicia Hagen, Senior Women.
 Midget Girls: Carly Wilson, Alice Kim, Deanna Drewlo, Kate Pronovost, and Sara Renna.
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