A Collection of selected photographs by Jerry Search
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Here in the United States, the National Long Track Championships is skated "pack style", as in short track.  This is not to be confused with the
U.S. Championships, or "Team Trials", which are skated Olympic Style, or what we here in the U.S. call "metric".  This is because our pack style meets  were skated in yards and not meters prior to around 1970.
Here are some pictures of Long Track Pack Style races. See also the "Long Track Nationals at West Allis" page.  These pictures, as were the ones on the other 2 Long Track pages, were taken with an "off-brand" 400 mm telephoto lens I bought at a garage sale for $50.00!  An interesting effect of using a large telephoto is that it tends to compress the various objects in the picture.  Therefore, in many of these pictures, the skaters are several feet in front or behind each other, not bunched up as they seem to appear.

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Juvenile Girls (ages 12-13).  The skater in the red is Kendra Turzinski.  The others I do not know.
Possibly Juvenile Boys.
Any help with skaters' names will be appreciated. Just email me from the link on the home page.
Junior Girls. Three Minnesotians, from left: Bonnie Whitehill, 
Ann Driscoll and Missy Hagstrum. Sara Parker 
is in back.
Greg Oly on his way to win the Masters Men division of the 1995 National Long Track in Butte, Montana.
In front: Sue Perles of Southern California skating in Masters' Women.  Masters ages are 35 to 49 years.
Masters Men at the start.  Mark Chrysler on the left, with Greg Oly (far right) keeping a sharp eye on him.
Coming own the backstretch, Junior Girls (I think), ages 14-15.
 Same race, a few seconds later. 
Same race, a lap or two later.
Midget Girls at the start of their 500 meter race.
And they're off!  Closest to the camera is Tracy Monroe, who won the meet in Midget Girls.
Midget Boys.  Shani Davis in front, Wayne Rutledge in the blue.
 Yep, folks, they crash in long Track, too!!  Junior or Intermediate Men.
Are you OK?...Are you mad"?
Another name for "pack style" in Long Track is "mass start".
A nice silhouette shot of the Senior Men.  When the weather is good in Butte (it usually is), skating there is nice.
The Butte oval, in the spring, from the air.   The rink lies in a valley, up against the mountains.  Skating there on a nice day is really neat. The air is so clear it takes your breath away (so does the high altitude)!
  And, the 3 pictures below are from the 1991 Nationals:
The skater in black 
and red is 
Casey Fitzrandolph
Juvenile Girls.  Jessica Fairchild in red.  Anyone know who the others are?
   On the left is Jessica Fairchild, center is Molly Maxwell.

A panoramic view of the oval at Butte.  This was made from three separate photographs (taken before we had the inexpensive panorama cameras) and blended together with the computer.  Note:  The download version of this picture (click the thumbnail above) is somewhat wider than your screen.

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