The Camera:

Many people ask me what camera I use.  Well, for the past 2 years or so, I have been using a Canon D-60 digital SLR.  One of the advantages of an SLR is that I can use different lenses.  The lens is one of the main secrets to taking decent photographs of indoor speed skating, where the use of a flash is either frowned upon, or as in the case of competitions, just not allowed.  Lenses on most non-SLR digital cameras are simply not fast enough for shooting action indoors, like short track.

The lens must be what is called "fast".  Another way to put it is that the lens must be capable of "gathering a lot of light".  Lenses are rated by an "f" number.  The smaller the number, the more light the lens will "gather".

Therefore, along with the Canon D-60, I use two lenses.  The lens I usually use is pictured below.  It is a 28-70mm f-1:28 L.  The "L" signifies that it remains an f-1:2.8 throughout the zoom range.  Most zooms do not.  In normal discussion, this lens is referred to as a "2.8".

The other lens I use is a non-zoom 135 mm, also an f-1:2.8.  It is good for reaching across the ice, where the other 28-70mm is for closer shots.

Digital cameras can shoot at a relative ISO setting, which is changeable.  This is the same as "film speed" for a film camera.  I shoot short track at a setting of ISO 1000, which is the same as using ISO 1000 speed film.

More information on short track photography and how these photo albums are created will be added to this page as I get the time.  If you like, you can bookmark this page, as it will remain where it is.

Jerry Search