A Collection of selected photographs by Jerry Search
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Actually, it was two weeks in Butte.  In January, 1990, I trained for two weeks in Butte, Montana, before going on to Milwaukee for the National Long Track Championships.  While
in Butte, I was privileged to spend my time watching the top Long Track skaters in the United States training on the oval.  Some of these photos were taken during an afternoon workout as the World Team Members tried out their new Mizuno gear:  everything from skin suits to boot covers and hats.  The competition photos were taken during weekend time trials about the same time.

 Dave Cruikshank (left) 
and Dan Jansen in the crossover backstretch of a 
500 meter time trial.
Dan is on his way to a 1990 unofficial American Record 
of 36.84.
Moira D'Andrea and John Teaford skating laps on a nice afternoon Butte day.
Olympic Medalist (in both Short Track and Long Track) Eric Flame shows his perfect  skating technique. 
Bonnie Blair, caught by the camera just an instant too late to make a classic picture.
Watching are coaches Mike Crowe (under pole) and Susan Sandvig in background.
Dan Jansen.  Easy to see why 
he won so many titles!
Dave Cruikshank. 
A good example of the training/coaching tool of "nose-knees-toes" being 
in line with each other.
Possibly Dave Silk on the left, definitely Mark Greenwald on the right.
Michelle Klein.  Gliding on the outside edge of the blade is very obvious here.
David Besteman.  Here, the toe-push is evident.  From this came the inspiration for the Klap skate. 
Father and son:  John Diemont scrambles to keep pace with son Jan in aweekend time trial.
Father and son again:  John  times his son Jan during the National Team Trials in 1990.
Jan Diemont.

 And two pictures from the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee:
The awesome power of Olympic Champion Bonnie Blair.  Time trials at the Pettit National Ice Center in West Allis (Milwaukee), Wisconsin, in November 1995.  Andy Arena is the starter.
Another Pettit Center shot. 
This is Sarah Elliot starting her 500 meter 
race during the 1997 World Cup Trials in November.  In both of these pictures, I was just an instant too early with the camera!  In Sarah's case, I wanted the Klap skate extended (open).

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