1997 World Junior Short Track Championships, Marquette, MI
All photos taken by and copyright 1997 by Hajime Sano
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Caroline Halisey leading Japan and Great Britain.
Dan Weinstein setting up an inside pass on a Canadian.
Rusty Smith, followed closely by Korea.

Japan in second, Germany in third, Netherlands in fourth, as Canada pulls away in first.
Julie Goskowicz leads skaters from the Netherlands, Italy, and Japan.
Netherlands, Japan, Canada, and another Netherlander.

Dan Weinstein seems to be having a good time out in front of Canada, someone else, and Poland.
Julie Goskowicz squeezed into the pack, between two Koreans and an Italian.
Canada leading Japan, Italy, and Britain.

And perhaps the best two pictures of this collection:

Daniel Weinstein (USA) leads Kim Dong-Sung (ROK), FranVois Tremblay (CAN), and Tony Smith (CAN) in the third lap of the 500m final at the 1997 World Junior Short Track Speed Skating Championships. Kim went on to set a Junior World Record of 43.491 sec. Weinstein finished second at 43.598 sec, setting a Junior US record. Kim won the World Junior Championships, Rusty Smith was second overall, and Tony Smith and Dan Weinstein tied for third place overall.
François Tremblay (CAN, #7, 1:32.796) and Rusty Smith (USA, #38, 1:32.822) lunge at the finish line to beat Hayato Sueyoshi (JPN, #19, 1:32.859) in the Men's 1000m quarter-final at the 1997 World Junior Short Track Speedskating Championships. Tremblay and Smith advanced to the semi-final. Smith went on to finish third in the 1000m final, and second place overall. 
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