A Collection of selected photographs by Jerry Search
All photographs by Jerry Search.  Copyright©1997, All rights reserved
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The following group of pictures is from the 1988 and 1990 National Long Track Championships in West Allis, Wisconsin.  This was just a year before they built the Pettit National Ice Center on this spot, enclosing the 400 meter Oval.  Actually, this meet was still called the National Outdoor!
Senior Men.  This one picture was actually taken in 1988.  The skater on the right in red is Paul Marchese.
Floyd Bedbury leads a group of Masters Men in the 1990 National Long Track.
Vince Gagliano takes the lead.  These guys are all veterans of many years of speed skating.
Junior Girls with Mary Brophy in front, skating down the backstretch.  I believe these two pictures were taken in 1988.
Same lap, a few strokes closer. This is now the start/finish side of the track inside the Pettit Center. 
Junior Girls, in 1988.  Can someone help identify?
Done.  Skater in the center is Jamie Stryzkalski, and on our left is future World Champion Chris Witty (10 years ago)!
What it's all about! 
The finish line!  Finish judges are in the background. 
1988 National Long Track.
Jerry Search (who?) leads the Masters Men in a 1000 heat.  Yep, I used to do this stuff too!  Notice the flag blowing hard in the wind!  This photo was taken by Roxanne Kassak.
John Diemont rockets away from the rest of the Masters Men in their 500 meter final.  The 400 mm telephoto lens plays tricks--John is actually about 20 feet ahead of the pack. Yep: It's black and white.
The great skater and coach Dianne Holum, 35 years old at the time, skating Masters Women in 1990.  Dianne set new records in each event, and two of those records were faster than the National Records for Senior Women.  The picture was the cover for the 1992-1993 Handbook of the Amateur Speedskating Union (ASU). 
  Note:  Current ASU Handbooks are available through the ASU.  They contain all of the ASU Bylaws and Racing Rules, as well as a great deal of  historical information: past National Champions, National Records, past World and Olympic Teams, etc.  They are mailed to each active member, and are available to others as well.  For more information, please
click button: to contact Shirley Yates,  ASU Executive Secretary.

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