The BAD news: Still under construction.

The GOOD news: This is my top priority project right now, and will be up and running as soon as possible. Obviously, and as you will see, speed skates is the most complex subject of the equipment list! Most of the pictures have been taken, but that is just the start!! Jerry Search 9/6/97


There are two basic types of speed skates: Short Track and Long Track.



Within each of the two catagories, there are several varations, as we will see.



Choose a category and click to go there for a look at the different types of speed skates. Long Track link is ready now, more to follow.

LONG TRACK: A look at Long Track speed skates, especially the new "klap" skate that may revolutionize Long Track speed skating. Ready NOW!

SHORT TRACK: The short track speed skate is actually quite a mechanical device, with new improvements in technology constantly being developed. Ready soon!

HISTORY: The Short Track speed skate has undergone dramatic changes over the past 15 years or so. This section shows many of the different past models of short track speed skates.

SHARPENING: Speed skaters sharpen their own skates by hand, usually every time they skate.

FOOT MOLDING: Short Track speed skates that are custom ordered are actually built around plaster casts of the skaters' own feet.