Running Tights? Well, we have to call them something. If I'd just said "tights", then you might think of ballet tights. Well, these folks aren't doing ballet! Speed skaters need something that fits snug to the body, but allows full movement and is aerodynamic.

Actually, some of these are running tights. Some are cycling tights. The point is that you can easily buy them at sporting goods stores, bike shops, and in cycling and running catalogs.  

Ed and Ted show off their Nike running tights, bought at sporting good stores.
Robert wears running tights 
for training workouts.
This new skater shows that you can even wear a pair of Levis if you are just starting out.

And then there's Dean. He always has a snazzy pair of running tights. I asked him about them and how much they cost. The good news is that these cost under $10.00 per pair. The bad news is that he bought them in Hong Kong, not exactly down at the local shopping center!



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