More stuff to read while the pictures load! Well, it's better than looking at a blank screen, right? Anyway, not much to write about cool 't' shirts, except to say that I have included sweat shirts here, too. There are many 't' and sweat shirts that come along for speed skating. Usually they are for speed skating meets, such as the Nationals, etc. Sometimes they are kind of dull (everyone has their taste!) but often they are pretty neat!

On the left, a Short Track T-shirt (with a Long Track skater!); on the right a local Southern California meet T-shirt; and in the middle, well, Mark
(with horn's) isn't sure what his T-shirt means!

Skylur is a hockey player (so what else but an Ice Dogs shirt? He speed skates to improve his hockey skills, and of course, to have fun!! And, there's a good chance that the faceless (sorry) kid behind him likes soccer!

What's speed skating all about?
Ian's 'T' shirt (right) pretty much sums it up!

Often, some pretty nice artwork turns up on a speed skating shirt, as you can hopefully tell here as these two guys try (not too successfully!) to act natural for the camera!

A cluple of neat T' shirts (and girls) at the1997 ASU Training Camp in Lake Placid (you can see the 1980 Olympic Flame calderon in the background).
The back and front of an interesting shirt. Guess it's time to get around her!
What's a Jerry Search look like? Gee, thought you'd never ask!

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