Hello There!

The Speed Calculator will work for anything that moves, even a snail, as long as the entries are in meters and seconds.  Therefore I realize that someone might want to use the speed calculator on their own website, even on a website not dealing with speed skating.  Even snail racing! 

If you want to use the Speed Calculator, I welcome you to just create a link directly to the calculator page (http://www.socalspeedskating.org/howfast.htm).  That way the explanation text will be available to those that need it, we can get a little publicity for our great sport of Speed Skating, and you can use the calculator without any extra work on your part.

If you really want to move the calculator to your own site, you are welcome to do so.  It was created as a result of a few people who were interested in helping out just as a favor, and as such, would qualify as freeware.  You are welcome to modify it as you see necessary, including removing the accompanying text article if you really must.

If you do decide to move it to your own site, I would like to ask that, as a favor in return, you give credit to my website, "A Picture Guide to Speed Skating", at http://www.socalspeedskating.org.

Thank you!

Jerry Search