The DeMorra Sprints
Short Track Speed Skating Championships
February 5, 2000
In Southern California, we group skaters for our local meets by ability, with "some consideration for age".  Therefore we would not place a pony skater in the Senior Group, even if they skated the same speed.  We simply call the Groups Racing Group 1, Racing Group 2, and so forth.  Our meets are usually 2-3/4 hours long, during which each group gets 4 races.  For the years-old DeMorra Sprints, the distances are the Groups' shortest distance, plus a medium distance, skated twice each.  Ergo, for Group 1, the DeMorra Sprint distances are 1000 meters, two 500 meters, and another 1000 meters.  The younger groups skate a 500, two 333's, and another 500.  And then the very young kids skate some combination of 222's and 333's.
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Group 5:  Walter Rusk, Katy Bachwanski, Aran Kim, and Andrew Choi

Katy leads with Aran on the outside, and Andrew coming up tight on the inside.

Andrew Choi is a Pony Boy.

Group 5 on the start.

Group 6:  Kyle Uyehara, Ysabel Gray, Austin Yun, and Jonathan Sermeno.

Group 4:  Alice Kim, Lauren Fogel, and Daniel Park.

Group 1:  The big guys!  Ian Hawkins, Scott Russell, Mark Chrysler, Robert Ahlke, and James Oh.

Group 5 again:  Katy, Aran, Andrew, and Walter, and a bunch of  officials/parents!

Part of Group 7:  Cynthia Uyehara, James Lewis, and 
Eric Choi.

James and Eric.

Kyle Uyehara, Ysabel Gray, Jonathan Sermeno, and 
Austin Yun.

Same kids, different race.

Sarah Schenker, with Isaac Sermeno in back.

Group 2:  The Old Guys (mostly).
Andy Robles, Ron Hawkins (Ian's dad), Pat Knox and Rob Scott.

Pat Knox in front and Rob Scott in back.  Both Pat and Rob skated with the DeMorra Club in the 1960's!

Andy Robles beats the Old Guys!
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February 7, 2000